Ostia family tour is a fun and educational experience for adults and children. Travel into the heart and soul of ancient Rome. Your expert kid-friendly guide opens your eyes to the world of the Romans through informative stories and myths that entertains the whole family. Learn surprising tales how daily life was under the Empire. Discover what Romans ate, where they slept, how they washed their clothes, where they bought their groceries, and what kinds of games children played.

When in Rome take your kids on an adventure of a lifetime. Ostia Antica, also known as the Better Pompeii, is a huge archaeological site perfect for hands-on exploring. Outstanding as Pompeii but far less touristy and easier to reach the ancient Roman port town of Ostia is located just a short ride from the city. Moreover, without the crowds of Pompeii it is much easier to let your imagination run wild and feel like archaeologists for a day! Walk along cobbled streets among 2000 years old temples, houses, and shopping arcades following in the footsteps of sailors and merchants. From the bakery to the fishmongers, from the bars, restaurants and public toilets to the town square, every stop reveals images of a rich, bustling port life. Some buildings are three stories high and it is possible to climb the steps and take in the view the sheer extent of the well-preserved ruins. Explore the amphitheater and hear interesting facts and tales about gladiators and actors. There is no end to the fun, as you discover mosaics and frescoes depicting mythical characters. Ostia family tour has all the ingredients for an exciting trip time traveling back to the days of the Romans. Contact us for pricing and availability.

* Private Chauffeured Half-Day Tour
* Private Licensed Professional Local Guide
* Private Licensed Driver
* Half-Day Private Deluxe Vehicle
* Rome Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off
* Scenic Drive
* Ostia Antica Excavations
* Best Photo Ops

Ostia family tour is private, offering the personal attention required to experience one of the world’s archaeological sites at your own pace. Get the answers to the questions you are burning to ask from your expert kid-friendly guide. Discover all the main sights in detail. Ostia Antica is a Pompeii in miniature and offers a comprehensive example of a port town during the Roman Empire. Learn all about Ostia Antica’s secret stories that bring the city history to life. This living history and experiential private Ostia family tour captivates the minds and the eyes of adults and children.

The ancient world harbors several wonders waiting to be unveiled today! Ostia family tour offers endless opportunities to entertain and educate parents and children alike. Settle into your comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle and head outside Rome while your own dedicated guide regales you with tales behind Ostia Antica history and legends. In Ostia Antica wonders abound at every turn. A guided stroll down Ostia Antica back lanes is an archaeological scavenger hunt. The fun is in the detective work on the site finding out how the Romans lived and what did for entertainment. Take a stroll back through time to explore this ancient treasure. Discover thermal baths, villas, temples, markets, bakeries, taverns, shipwright shops, and even a real latrine all giving a peek at Roman lifestyles.

Explore an ancient world extraordinarily preserved over the ages. Ostia Antica Rome hidden gem dates back to the 2nd century B.C. According to legend, the fourth King of Rome founded this lively harbor town. Ostia Antica was inhabited until the Middle Age leaving a well-preserved example of Roman architecture. Archaeologists are still bringing new discoveries to light which bear testimony to a past, that never ceases to amaze. Find out why experts call Ostia Antica the Better Pompeii!

How it Works
During the booking process, you will be able to tell us when and what you would like to tour. You will also have the opportunity to tell us how we can customize the private tour for you and yours. With that, we will create the perfect tour for you.

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Ostia Antica archaeological site closes on Mondays and January 1st, May 1st, December 25th.

Put this Ostia family tour on your must see list if you are interested in ancient Rome history and archaeology but do not have time to travel all to Pompeii.

FOR OUR GUESTS COMFORT THIS PRIVATE GUIDED FAMILY TOUR IS NOT OPERATED BY COACH. We never use vehicles larger than 7-person capacity on this trip. Because we specialize in personalized experiences we use luxury air-conditioned Mercedes Benz cars and minivans to tour our guests throughout the trip. Discover Italy close up in a Mercedes Benz minivan of up to 7 people that takes you into the very heart of the city. Cars and minivans can get closer to the main points of interest than larger buses. Larger buses and coaches are forbidden entry onto many of the town’s streets. You will definitely walk less and see more! Therefore, this high-quality option gives us access to most areas without concerns regarding traffic restrictions. Each minivan accommodates up to 7 guests. We can caravan more than one minivan for larger groups (Example: A party between 8 to 14 guests in two minivans, and a party of 15 to 21 guests in 3 minivans, etc.).

When you contact our family vacation consultants let us know as much about your children interests in order to make the experience as interesting as possible for them.

Do you combine people to share the tour?

All our tours are private, luxurious, and totally customized to suit your desires, which means that you do not share your tour with anyone else – without having to accommodate other people’s interests. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form groups.
We specialize in private, tailor-made vacations for individuals, families and friends.

The quickest way to find answers to your questions about our private tours is to review the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact us.


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    Hello! Please find my response to your survey below. I would like to say at the start that we LOVED our tour guide. Lauren (do I have that name right?) was personable, engaging, and connected with everyone in our family–from our eight-year-old son to me. It was a valuable part of our experience. Please let her know that we appreciated her very much, and that we took her advice and explored the Jewish Ghetto on our next night in Rome! Your company was recommended by my brother and his wife, who used your company the previous summer.

    Steven Tuit
    Grand Rapids, MIssouri,USA
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    Old Rome Children Tour

    Hi Rachel / All,
    Thanks again for helping to coordinate the tour of Rome with Laura for my family and I on Aug 9 and 10. We had a great time – Laura was fun to be with, very knowledgeable, and clearly passionate about Rome, which she was able to pass on to each of us. The tour was paced just right, we saw a lot of things, but didn’t go overboard. Everyone really enjoyed the tour, and would rate it as excellent all the way around.
    I found your company on the Ciao Bambino and Trip Advisor websites.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer


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