Jewish Rome family tour exposes our youngest visitors to the city rich Jewish heritage in a fun and meaningful way. Step back into history. Explore the amazing story of Italy’s Jews and connect with stories. Learn about the early presence of Jews in Roman times. Discover Campo de Fiori area, the Jewish Quarter, Tiber Island, and the Trastevere neighborhood focusing on their role in the city’s Jewish history. Engage with culture. Your expert kid-friendly guide introduces you to ancient, medieval, and renaissance treasures all touched by Jewish traditions over the centuries. Jewish Rome family tour is an enriching eye opening experience that educates and entertains adults and kids.

Enjoy the inspiring beauty and rich mesorah of Jewish Rome. The cobblestone streets and narrow lanes of the lively Jewish Quarter are filled with great stories to tell. Your own dedicated guide regales you with interesting histories and little-known facts of one of Europe’s oldest Ghettos. Connect with the rich history of the Eternal City and its vibrant present with our Jewish Rome family tour. Contact us for pricing and availability.

* Private Half-Day Walking Tour
* Private Licensed Professional Local Guide
* Campo de Fiori
* Jewish Ghetto
* Great Synagogue
* Tiber Island
* Trastevere
* Best Photo Ops

Jewish Rome family tour is private, offering the personal attention required to experience one of the world’s leading cities at your own pace. Get the answers to the questions you are burning to ask from your expert kid-friendly guide. Discover all the main sights in detail. Learn all about Rome’s secret stories that bring the city history to life. This living history and experiential Jewish Rome family tour is an enriching learning experience that captivates the minds and the eyes of adults and children.

Your own dedicated guide introduces you to the city ancient, medieval and renaissance treasures focusing on their role in the city’s Jewish history. Roam the Jewish Quarter a little gem in one of the most picturesque historic areas of Rome. History comes to life as we visit locations where stories actually took place. Explore the vibrant area around the Campo de’ Fiori food market, a warren of tiny cobbled streets and secret corners. Stroll along narrow alleys leading to the ruins of the Theater of Marcellus, the Turtle Fountain, the Cenci Palace, the Great Synagogue, and kosher shops. This is the historical Jewish district where from 1555 all Jews were forced to live. Today the local community continues living in the neighborhood where their parents and grandparents have always lived in keeping up their traditions. In this lively background, your guide explains the historic value of the Jewish presence. Learn how the Jews lived here over the centuries and the dynamic role played in the history of Rome. From the Roman Ghetto, we move along the Tiber Island shrouded in mysterious legends. Head to Trastevere neighborhood where the Jewish community lived from Roman times until the Renaissance and known today as the colorful Greenwich Village of Rome.

How it Works
During the booking process, you will be able to tell us when and what you would like to tour. You will also have the opportunity to tell us how we can customize the private tour for you and yours. With that, we will create the perfect tour for you.

Optional Upgrades to Enhance Your Private Tour

Skip the Line Coliseum for Kids Family Tour

ADD ON Private Guided Skip the Line Colosseum Family Tour 

Expose your children or grandchildren to the sites and mythological tales of ancient Rome with an itinerary tailored to fit their interests. Walk in the footsteps of Emperors and Gladiators. Experience ancient Rome through legends and interesting anecdotes. After skipping the lines your expert guide leads you through the archaeological heart of Rome an amazing layer cake of ancient ruins scattered with temples, monuments and symbols of ancient Gods. Travel through time as you experience the awe and wonder of the Coliseum. Learn about the exciting history of the Coliseum and the entertainments that went on within its walls. Discover the huge Roman Forum the heart of Roman daily life. Your family-friendly guide uses visual aids to appreciate the ruins recreated helping little learners experience first-hand a day in the life of ancient Rome while monitoring their level of interest and understanding. Both children and parents will enjoy this engaging Coliseum tour experience. All the historical and architectural information will be tailored to your family knowledge and interests well-seasoned with curiosities and fun facts about habits and daily life of the Romans. From Greek mythology to intriguing stories about Rome including its origins, myths and legends your personable guide brings the Coliseum and the days of the Gladiators to life.
Please Note: The Colosseum closes January 1st, March 22nd, June 2nd AM and December 25th

Please Note: The Colosseum is free on the first Sunday of every month. There is NO skip the-line access on these days. Visitors will thus enter the Colosseum WITHOUT priority admission.
Extra Time Duration: 120 minutes

Tour Rome in Comfort and Style by Private Transportation

ADD ON Private English Speaking Licensed Driver and Deluxe Air-Conditioned Mercedes Benz Vehicle

The beauty of a private guided car tour lies in the comfort and flexibility that it offers. Upgrade your tour to include a private driver (in addition to your private guide). With this optional private transportation service, guests have their own vehicle with a driver, and a guide for a total of 2 professional people at disposal for the whole length of the tour, including accommodation pick up and drop off. A private car and a driver (in addition to your private guide) is the perfect solution for those who want to tour in comfort and style.

Make the most out of your precious holiday time. Enjoy the flexibility of touring at your own pace with the convenience of an on-hand driver. Having a car and driver in addition to the guide is beneficial as you cover more sites, see off the beaten path sites that are not accessible on foot, and save energy as you are chauffeured from site to site in the luxury of an air-conditioned vehicle, thereby skipping the long walks.

Jewish Rome family tour is not available on Saturdays, January 1st, August 15th and on certain Jewish holidays throughout the year.

The Great Synagogue of Rome dress code requires modest attire: no halter or tank tops or short shorts.

The security at the Great Synagogue is high and photos are not allowed inside the Synagogue and museum.

When you contact our family vacation consultants let us know as much about your children interests in order to make the experience as interesting as possible for them.

Do you combine people to share the tour?

All our tours are private, luxurious, and totally customized to suit your desires, which means that you do not share your tour with anyone else – without having to accommodate other people’s interests. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form groups.
We specialize in private, tailor-made vacations for individuals, families and friends.

The quickest way to find answers to your questions about our private tours is to review the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact us.


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