* Private Guided Chauffeured Shore Trip
* Licensed Professional Driver/Guide who assists you through the day
* Licensed Professional Guide in Pompeii
* Full Day Private Deluxe Vehicle
* Pier Pick Up & Drop Off
* Combined Pompeii and Amalfi Coast guided tour
* Scenic Drive
* Pompeii excavations guided tour
* Amalfi Coast guided tour
* Best Photo Opps
* Shore Excursion Length: 8hrs

Experience an enriching journey into ancient Rome daily life. Discover Southern Italy quaint little towns rich in history and traditions. Pompeii Amalfi family day trip from Naples port exposes kids and teens to historical sites, local culture and beautiful old fishing villages in a fun educational way. Pompeii Amalfi family day trip is a unique travel experience for cruise passengers and their children to spend quality time together in comfort and style. The 2000 years old buried Roman town of Pompeii holds an intense fascination for visitors of all ages. The vibrant Amalfi Coast a stretch of coast wedged on the Mediterranean Sea truly deserves its reputations as one of the premiere vacation destinations for families visiting Italy. Pompeii Amalfi family day trip combines a comprehensive exploration of the awe-inspiring archaeological site of Pompeii with Italy’s most beautiful stretch of coast. A Nancy Aiello English speaking driver/guide accompanies you throughout the day from the time you disembark from the cruise ship, meet your private local guide in Pompeii, explore the Amalfi Coast and return to the port in time to board your cruise ship. A fun filled full day tour packed with enriching discoveries, interesting stories and stunning scenery. This exclusive private Pompeii Amalfi family day trip from Naples port ensures a personalized experience based on your preferences with the utmost flexibility to explore your way.

Meet your personal driver/guide at Naples pier after disembarking your cruise ship holding a sign with your name in. Your Pompeii Amalfi family day trip from Naples port begins with an approx. 30 minute drive (traffic pending) in the comfort of a private deluxe vehicle. During the journey your local expert driver/guide explains the day itinerary, introduces you to the beauty of the Bay of Naples and the unparalleled splendor of the Amalfi Coast. In Pompeii meet your family-friendly guide to experience an exciting journey into ancient Rome daily life. The evocative World Heritage site of Pompeii is a vast city with a labyrinth of paved roads. Walk along ancient cobbled streets just as the ancient Romans did. Discover the remains of Roman homes, temples, shops, and artworks buried by volcanic ash. Your knowledgeable guide enhances your children curiosity, stimulate their participation comparing present Pompeii ruins to the monuments of the past giving the whole family a clear picture of what this place looked like before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. Learn about haunting Pompeii history and mysteries. Children will be captivated by this tableau of daily life frozen forever in the lava flow of the volcano. Today two-thirds of the city has been excavated and the ruins of a flourishing civilization have been brought to life again. Because of the airtight conditions beneath the lava Pompeii is the most well-preserved ancient city in the world with streets and buildings that provide detailed insight information of the former living conditions, trade, commerce and art during the Roman Empire.

After this amazing experience stepping back in history say good bye to your Pompeii guide and back to present day! Pompeii Amalfi family day trip proceeds to the winding Amalfi Coast. Embark on a breathtaking driving guided tour along the stunning coastline with stops at scenic viewpoints for photo opps. The Amalfi Coast drive is arguably one of the world’s most beautiful and thrilling sightseeing roads. The ancient villages scattered along the Amalfi Coast have always attracted visitors for their charm and colorful architecture. Positano is a colorful town with a history of attracting celebrities and artists. Your personable driver/guide takes you right to the main square of Positano inaccessible to coaches. Soak up the charming atmosphere of this hillside fishing village lined with side cafés and designer boutiques. Enjoy Amalfi is a picturesque seaside resort that is also the largest town on the coast. Explore its labyrinths of narrow lanes and alleyways. At the end of your private guided Pompeii Amalfi family day trip return to Naples pier in time to board your cruise ship. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Optional Upgrades to Enhance Your Private Family Tour

Wine tasting.

When entering churches always ensure that you dress appropriately, no shorts or sleeveless dresses. By not being properly attired you run into the risk of being denied entry.

For a smooth operation this itinerary may operate in reverse.

The tour sequence may vary. The time spent at certain venues may be expanded/reduced, and other brief stops may be added.

Can I join a group tour?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer. Nancy Aiello Tours specializes in individual and family private tours. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form small groups. Our private tours mean that you do not share your tour with anyone else. Your private tour is tailored to your individual needs and interests so everyone can ask questions and get the most from a new experience.

Where do we meet our private driver/guide at Naples port?

The port of Naples authorities require cruise ship passengers to walk to the taxi and car service waiting area. You meet your driver/guide there holding a sign with your name in.

Do we stop for lunch during our private guided Pompeii Amalfi Coast family shore trip?

Yes. The duration of the tour includes time for breaks to grab a quick snack and/or lunch but is not included in the price. Some people like to grab a quick pizza or a snack, and some people like to sit down for a nice relaxing Italian meal. You may take a break at any time during the tour upon request. Otherwise, breaks will be at our discretion.

Do you offer suggestions for kid-friendly restaurants in Pompeii and Amalfi?

Yes. Your private local guide and chauffeur provide personalized attention and on tour are glad to suggest a suitable spot for family friendly quick snack and/or lunch. You will have several options to fit your budget, tastes and whether or not you want to sit or eat on the go.

Are tips included?

Tips are optional and not included in your tour price, but are a nice way of showing satisfaction for good service.