This private guided skip the line best Vatican City day tour offers an in-depth taste of the Vatican with an experienced art historian guide. Best for cruise passengers whose interests are primarily in learning about the art and history of the Holy See and like to have some free time to explore Rome at leisure.
The highlights of this in-depth Vatican guided tour is the visit of the Vatican Museum where an exceptional art collection from every era is on display Best Vatican City day tour includes Michelangelo Sistine Chapel, Raphael Papal Rooms, St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square. Your dedicated personal tour guide explains the importance, heritage and meaning of these treasures ensuring that you appreciate the artistic and historic significance of the masterpieces you experience. Combine a guided visit of the Vatican City with free time to explore Rome and have lunch independently. This Rome shore excursion ensures a personalized best Vatican City tour experience based on your interests with flexibility to explore Rome at your own pace.
A Nancy Aiello English speaking licensed chauffeur accompanies you throughout the day from the time you disembark the cruise ship, meet your private local guide in Rome and return to the port in time to board your cruise ship.
After disembarking your cruise ship meet your personal local chauffeur at Civitavecchia Rome port  holding a sign with your name in. Your best Vatican City day tour starts with an approx. 90 minute drive (traffic pending) in the comfort of a private fully licensed insured a/c deluxe vehicle to reach the historic center of Rome. Enter into the ancient city through the Porta San Paolo gate which is one of the main gates of the Roman Aurelian Walls. Drive past and admire the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, the highest and the oldest Pyramid in Europe, the Baths of Emperor Caracalla, one of the seven wonders of the Eternal City and the Circus Maximus the largest stadium ever built for shows and chariot races.
The Vatican holds an incomparable number of treasures of art and history. Its 2000 year long history goes back to the Roman Empire. The Vatican Walls date from the times when the barbarians were attacking Rome and the Papal empire was crumbling. Over the last 2000 years Popes have commissioned and assembled an extraordinary collection of artistic works within the Vatican walls. The extensive treasure trove of antiquities and art collection of the Vatican Museums is one of the most significant in the world with over 2000 rooms, 4.5miles of artistic and archaeological works which go back to more than 3000 years ago and arrive to present days.
With Best Vatican City day tour maximize your precious holiday time by avoiding the line when entering the Vatican Museums where elaborate galleries filled with one masterpiece after another lead you directly to Michelangelo Sistine Chapel. Scores of rooms contain a priceless collection of art. Your personable guide gently steers you to the highlights of the Vatican Museums and leads you to the galleries that you are most interested in answering all of your questions about this art lover’s paradise. Your guide vividly brings to life world famous masterpieces sharing interesting curiosities about the artists and the historical context in which they worked revealing the Vatican most intimate facts.
The highlight of your tour is experienced upon entering the Sistine Chapel great glory of Vatican art to admire Michelangelo’s extraordinary frescoes. Visit Raphael Papal Rooms, four official Papal chambers of unrivaled artistic splendor decorated by the artist and his school. Enter the overwhelming St. Peter’s Basilica, the most important temple of Christianity which gathers inside 2000 years of history and famous works of art. The basilica was first built in the 4th century on what is thought to be the tomb of Peter, the rock upon which Christ decreed his church shall be built. After 1200 years, the church was largely demolished and rebuilt in the 16th century when it came to acquire its present day form. It took 22 Popes and 150 years to finish the current Basilica with the help of 10 of the world greatest artists and architects. Today St. Peter Basilica awes visitors with its huge but harmonious proportions creating a city within itself. Artistically and architecturally the Basilica of St. Peter is a masterpiece where artworks await at every turn from Bernini’s magnificent bronze canopy to Michelangelo’s Pieta. Your in-depth Vatican tour ends in St. Peter’s square as you admire Michelangelo majestic Dome and feel spiritual embraced by Bernini spectacular elliptical colonnade. Now you have free time at disposal to enjoy Rome at your leisure. Your personal driver will be glad to provide suggestions for lunch to suit your tastes and budgets. On the way back to the port stop at the off the beaten path Janiculum Hill to enjoy amazing panoramic views of Rome. A great photo stop that most travelers do not have the opportunity to discover. Next enjoy a relaxed ride back to Civitavecchia Rome port of call in time to board your cruise ship. Contact us for an in-depth Vatican tour experience.

* Full Day Private Guided Chauffeured Shore Trip
* Licensed Professional Chauffeur who assists you through the day
* Licensed Professional Guide for the portion of the Vatican tour
* Full Day Private Deluxe Vehicle
* Civitavecchia Port Pick Up & Drop Off
* Scenic Drive
* Vatican Skip the Line Access
* Vatican Museums
* Sistine Chapel
* Raphael Rooms
* St. Peter’s Basilica
* St. Peter’s Square
* Free Time
* Janiculum Hill
* Shore Excursion Length: 9hrs

Optional Upgrades to Enhance Your Private Guided Vatican City Tour

There are no add-ons for this tour.

The Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel close on Sundays and on certain Holy days throughout the year: January 1st & 6th, February 11th, March 19th, April 21st, May 1st, August 14th & 15th, November 1st and December 8th, 25th & 26th.

The Vatican Museums Authorities retain the rights to alter the Museums opening hours or close specific areas of the Museum at any time, and without prior notice.
The unforeseen closure of specific areas of the Museums and/or Sistine Chapel is beyond our control for which we cannot be held responsible therefore no refunds will be issued. Your guide will take you to another section of the museums instead.
On rare occasions St. Peter Basilica closes without prior notice. If this happens, you will be offered an extended itinerary within the Vatican Museums. If St. Peter Basilica unexpectedly close it is beyond our control therefore no refunds will be issued.

Since skip the line Vatican tickets sell out fast tour must be reserved well in advance.

The Vatican dress code requires appropriate attire. No bare shoulders, no shorts, no dresses above the knee, and no bare feet or exposed midriffs are allowed.

If your travel date is on Wednesday there is the possibility that you will be unable to include St. Peter Basilica and St. Peter Square. This is due to the weekly Papal Audience during which access to St. Peter Basilica could be closed. As an alternative you will be offered an extended itinerary within the Vatican Museums.

The Sistine Chapel is not available separately but is only able to be visited as part of the tour of the Vatican Museums. The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums and the entrance is located on the far end from the Vatican Museum entrance an approx. 15 min. walk along the Vatican Museums.

Large bags, backpacks, tripods, big umbrellas and glass bottles must be left at the Vatican Museums cloakroom.

For our guests comfort Nancy Aiello Tours only operate private tours by private cars and/or minivans which can get closer to the main points of interest than larger buses. According to Italian traffic regulations licensed minivans up to 8 passengers are considered equivalent to taxis therefore, can access all the restricted areas of each city center, can go and stop in front of churches, museums, sites etc. and so the walking distance to be covered is minimum which allows us to maximize your precious holiday time reducing to zero the walking time otherwise required to go from the bus pick up/drop off point to the city centers and vice versa during the visit. This is a HUGE advantage especially when you visit Rome where by using a bus passengers would be forced to walk long distances to just reach the city center from the drop off point and back for the pick up. This means a lot of saved time therefore more sightseeing at relaxed pace within the same number of tour hours.

Baby seats are mandatory for infants, please request at time of booking.

Can I join a group tour?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer. Nancy Aiello Tours specializes in individual and family private tours. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form small groups. Our private tours mean that you do not share your tour with anyone else. Your private tour is tailored to your individual needs and interests so everyone can ask questions and get the most from a new experience.

Do we skip the line to enter the Vatican?

Yes. This tour includes priority-entrance ticket to the Vatican to skip the line. Your Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel skip the line tickets will be pre-booked and pre-paid for fast hassle-free entry being informed that ALL visitors must pass through metal detectors at the security check point so please, expect to wait for few minutes to clear security.

Is there a way to see the Sistine Chapel without having to walk through the entire Vatican tour?

The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums and the entrance is located on the far end from the Vatican Museum entrance an approx. 15 min. walk along the Vatican Museums. You can only access the Sistine Chapel through the museum therefore, you have to walk through the entire Vatican Museum.

Do you use headsets at the Vatican?

In the Vatican headsets are mandatory for groups of 6 or more people. Your private guide will be talking into a small microphone and you will each be listening on special earpieces. The Vatican makes it COMPULSORY for all groups of 6 or more participants to use whisper headsets so that your guide can clearly communicate with your party without disturbing other visitors and with consideration for the holy nature of the Vatican.

Are strollers allowed in the Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel?

Yes you are allowed to bring strollers in the Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel. It is useful to know that there are several places where carriages must be carried up stairs, therefore lightweight models are best!

Will we be able to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel?

Pictures are not allowed inside the Sistine Chapel. All throughout the museums the Vatican City authorities have an enlightened policy on taking pictures and visitors are allowed to take photos provided there is no flash. But this does not apply to the Sistine Chapel.

How long will the private transfer from Civitavecchia pier to Rome take?

The transfer time from Civitavecchia pier to Rome city center is about 90 minutes each way (traffic pending). The exact duration will depend on the time of day and traffic conditions.

Where do we meet our private chauffeur at Civitavecchia port?

Your chauffeur meets you at the pier next to your ship holding a sign with your name in. Our vehicles are licensed to enter inside Civitavecchia port, so you do not have to walk far to reach your vehicle.

Are your private vehicles licensed and insured?

Yes. All of our vehicles are officially licensed and insured.

Are your vehicles non-smoking? Air conditioned?

Yes. All of our vehicles are non-smoking and air-conditioned.

Do you offer suggestions for restaurants in Rome?

Yes. Your private local guide and chauffeur provide personalized attention and on tour are glad to suggest a suitable spot for quick snack and/or lunch. You will have several options to fit your budget, tastes and whether or not you want to sit or eat on the go.

Are tips included?

Tips are optional and not included in your tour price, but are a nice way of showing satisfaction for good service.

What happens if a site is unexpectedly closed on the day of scheduled tour?

The Vatican Museums Authorities retain the rights to alter the Museums opening hours or close specific areas of the Museum and/or Sistine Chapel at any time, and without prior notice. On rare occasions St. Peter Basilica (i.e. for a special mass) closes without notice.
While we regret these inconveniences, these rare unforeseen closures are beyond our control for which we cannot be held responsible therefore no refunds will be issued. In these rare cases, your guide will modify the itinerary and give you as complete a tour as possible working with the circumstances given.

Do you provide a refund if my cruise ship cannot make it into port?

We will honor a refund if your cruise line does not come into port due to severe weather, mechanical problems or political unrest. However, you will be charged 100% for any admission tickets pre-purchased on your behalf.