On this private tour from the port of Civitavecchia you will get a deeper look into underground Rome, visiting one of the earliest Christian catacombs and one of the oldest churches in the city while exploring some of Rome’s more unknown aspects. Best for cruise passengers who want to experience an unusual Rome and its layers of history.

Explore subterranean levels hidden beneath Rome as you descend into its underground to walk the very same paths and peer into the same buildings that once made up the city in ancient times. Hit top underground attractions from the catacombs to the undergrounds of the Basilica of San Clemente. Your private tour guide will reveal you the importance, heritage and meaning of these intriguing treasures ensuring that you clearly understand the artistic and historic significance of the sites you visit.

A Nancy Aiello English speaking licensed chauffeur accompanies you throughout the day from the time you disembark the cruise ship, meet your private local guide in Rome and return to the port in time to board your cruise ship. Your private tour begins with an approx. 90 minute drive (traffic pending) in the comfort of a comfortable vehicle to reach the historic center of Rome. Enter into the ancient city through the Porta San Paolo gate which is one of the main gates of the Roman Aurelian Walls. Drive past and admire the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, the highest and the oldest Pyramid in Europe, the Baths of Emperor Caracalla, one of the seven wonders of the Eternal City and the Circus Maximus the largest stadium ever built for shows and chariot races. Continue your panoramic drive along the ancient Appian Way, one of the earliest and most important ancient Roman roads. This cobblestoned road is lined by miles of underground tunnels where early Christians practiced their religion in secret and where buried their dead. These underground tombs contain the only surviving examples of early Christian art. Take a guided historical journey through the origins of Christianity as you go below ground.

For an unforgettable glimpse into this compelling time in history explore the undergrounds of the Basilica of St. Clemente, a 12th century church like no other. This historical layer cake comprises three-tiered buildings each built on top of the other and is the only place in Rome to hear the underground River that flows beneath the city. Descend into the three levels beneath the church to experience with your own eyes underground Rome’s layers of history. Next enjoy a relaxed ride back to Civitavecchia Rome port of call in time to board your cruise ship. Contact us to reserve this popular catacombs of Rome tour from Civitavecchia port exclusively for your party or customize a uniquely spectacular itinerary just for you and everyone you are traveling with.

* Full Day Private Guided Chauffeured Shore Trip
* Licensed Professional Chauffeur who assists you through the day
* Licensed Professional Guide in Rome
* Full Day Private Deluxe Vehicle
* Civitavecchia Port Pick Up & Drop Off
* Scenic Drive
* Ancient Appian Way
* Underground Catacombs
* Underground of St. Clemente
* Shore Excursion Length: 9hrs

This tour can be challenging for kids under 6 and for people with mobility disabilities.

For a smooth operation this itinerary may operate in reverse.

The tour sequence may vary. The time spent at certain venues may be expanded/reduced, and other brief stops may be added.

Baby seats are mandatory for infants, please request at time of booking.