10 Day Fun-Filled Private Journey to Experience Rome and the Vatican City, Tuscany, Florence, and Cinque Terre. Expose your family to Italy most popular destinations skipping the lines and avoiding the crowds. This luxury Italy family vacation package is designed to inspire a sense of wonder, educate and entertain children and adults alike. Your very own expert kid-friendly guide in each destination offers hints and steer you off the beaten path. Plus, your inside visits feature VIP access, which means you get to skip the lines! In addition, you have independent time in each city to explore on your own. And because we take care of your transfers, you won’t waste precious vacation time dealing with logistics, giving you more free time to do as you please! You can customize your trip with our selection of kid-friendly hotels matching your personal travel style and budget. You can also personalize this sample itinerary by adding more activities and excursions that will make your vacation exclusively yours. Because we only do private tours, contact us to customize and make changes that suit your timeframe and interests.

Rome and the Vatican City, Siena and San Gimignano, Florence, and Cinque Terre

Private/ Independent/ Family-Friendly/ Educational/ Easy-Paced/ Outdoor Adventures/ Skip the Line.

Tour packages are customized for private travel according to your preferences and schedule.


DAY 1 Rome – Welcome to the Eternal City of Rome!
Arrival Transfer

DAY 2 Rome – Rome Top Squares and Fountains
Chauffeured Rome Discovery Tour

DAY 3 Rome – Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill and the Undergrounds of St. Clemente
Skip the Line Walking Tour of Ancient Rome

DAY 4 Rome – Ancient Appian Way, Underground Catacombs, Mouth of Truth and Capuchin Crypt
Chauffeured Underground Rome Family Adventure

DAY 5 Rome – Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica
Skip the Line Walking Tour of the Vatican City

DAY 6 Rome – Siena, San Gimignano – Florence – Welcome to Florence the Birthplace of Renaissance!
Travel back to the Middle Ages in the Heart of Tuscany

DAY 7 Florence – Get an inside look at Florence from Roman Days through the Renaissance
City Discovery Walking Tour

DAY 8 Florence – Family Adventure on the Italian Riviera
Chauffeured Cinque Terre Day Trip from Florence

DAY 9 Florence – Family Journey in the Footsteps of Michelangelo
Walking Tour with Skip the Line Academia Gallery Visit

DAY 10 Florence –Your family’s unforgettable vacation ends. Arrivederci!
Departure Transfer

Day 1 Rome - Welcome to the Eternal City of Rome!

Private Rome Airport Arrival Transfer
Upon arrival at Rome airport you are transferred by private a/c deluxe vehicle to your hotel.

What is included: Transfer by a/c Deluxe Vehicle.

Day 2 Rome - Get your Family Acquainted with the Timeless Treasures of the Eternal City

Private Guided Chauffeured Discovery City Tour

Expose your family to a fun experiential learning experience in the heart of the city. Discover vibrant squares, quirky streets, magic fountains and unusual talking statues. In the company of your expert kid-friendly local guide and driver explore the mythic Pantheon, the famous Spanish Steps and the lively Piazza Navona Rome’s most celebrated square. Toss a coin into the legendary Trevi Fountain for good luck…and make a wish! Stop for in-depth discoveries, photo ops and a gelato break. A great introduction to a city packed to the brim with ancient wonders and our warm welcome to the Rome of the Romans! The leisurely-paced private family tour ends with insider recommendations for child-friendly restaurants. Rest of the day free to do as you please.

What is included: 3hrs Chauffeured Tour led by Licensed Local Guide and Driver.

Day 3 Rome - Step into the Pages of Roman History

Private Guided Hidden Rome Family Tour with Skip the Line Coliseum Visit

Expose your family to the history, myths and legends of the ancient world. Amazing secrets and delightful discoveries await you today! The secret underground world lying beneath Rome is home to many surprises! Go behind, beneath and beyond old Rome must see sights and learn why Rome is called archaeological lasagna! Meet your expert kid-friendly guide for an exciting journey into the past. Your guide shares interesting historical facts and humorous tales that bring the Romans and the days of the Gladiators to life. Enter the Coliseum skipping the lines and discover its secret stories. Gain insights into the ancient city’s social life at the ruins of the Forum the heart of Roman daily life. Climb to the top of the Capitoline Hill religious center of ancient Rome. Keep going up to the roof terrace to discover treasured panoramic views and grab some gelato. For a complete history lesson descend into the underground excavations of the Basilica of St. Clemente. Step back in time and learn about the development of the city. This 12th-century Basilica is an off the beaten path fun archaeological layer cake which showcases different slices of history. Get a real sense of just how old Rome is. Start in a 16th century Basilica which was built on top of a 12th century Cathedral that was built on top of a 2nd century pagan temple which was built on a 1st century Roman apartment complex. The leisurely-paced private family tour ends with insider recommendations for child-friendly restaurants. Rest of the day free to do as you please.

What is included: 4hrs Walking Tour led by Licensed Local Guide with Reservations and Tickets to Skip the Line at the Colosseum.

Day 4 Rome - Get your Children Feel like Archaeologists for a Day!

Private Guided Chauffeured Underground Rome Catacombs and Crypts Fun Family Tour

Expose your family to the mysterious world buried beneath Rome since the 2nd century. Get outside of the city center and explore some of the city lesser-known treasures. Descend into Rome most intriguing subterranean sites while encountering surprises. Meet your expert kid-friendly guide and driver to experience the secret underground world lying beneath Rome. For families who crave a vacation with a sense of adventure this original tour explores the secret side of crypts and catacombs. Discover the Mouth of the Truth the ancient lie detector machine! Travel along the ancient Appian Way where centuries of art, history, religion and myths are waiting to be explored. Discover the early-Christian mysterious past as you descend into catacombs where Christians practiced their forbidden faith. Learn about the secret language of the early-Christian as you take a look at frescoes and inscriptions that reveal clues. Enter the spooky bone Capuchin Crypt for an amazing anatomy lesson. Uncover Rome history layer upon layer and let your children feel like archaeologists for a day! The leisurely-paced private family tour ends with insider recommendations for child-friendly restaurants. Rest of the day free to do as you please.

What is included: 4hrs Chauffeured Tour led by Licensed Local Guide and Driver.

Day 5 Rome – Experience the Vatican from a Kids Perspective

Private Guided Skip the Line Walking Tour of the Vatican City

Expose your family to the art, history and great stories of the Vatican City. After skipping the line your expert kid-friendly local guide leads you through to the Vatican Museums home of one of the most astonishing art collection in the world to reveal the secrets behind the masterpieces you encounter. In the Sistine Chapel gaze in amazement at Michelangelo’s ceiling and understand the Creation of the World. Bypass the crowds once again to enter St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in Christendom. Your guide provides insights into its many religious and art treasures including Michelangelo’s Pieta and Bernini’s bronze baldachin. Your Vatican City tour concludes in St. Peter’s Square where you can admire Bernini’s amazing optical illusion. The leisurely-paced private family tour ends with insider recommendations for child-friendly restaurants. Rest of the day free to do as you please.

What is included: 4hrs Walking Tour led by Licensed Local Guide with Reservations and Tickets to Skip the Line at the Vatican.

Day 6 Rome - Siena- San Gimignano Florence - Welcome to Florence Cradle of the Renaissance!

Private Guided Sightseeing Transfer to Florence from Rome via Siena and San Gimignano UNESCO World Heritage Sites

This morning meet your expert family-friendly driver/guide at your hotel in Rome for an enjoyable and comfortable sightseeing transfer to your hotel in Florence stopping along the way for 3hrs in the medieval hilltop towns of Siena and San Gimignano. Travel through the heart of the Tuscan countryside. During the scenic journey your driver/guide shares insights about these historical towns with insider anecdotes and knowledge showing you a fascinating side of Tuscany most tourists never discover. San Gimignano famous for its towers looming over the landscape is known as the medieval Manhattan in the heart of Tuscany. San Gimignano Italy best preserved fortified hilltop town features Roman ruins and medieval architecture. Stroll the cobbled streets, marvel at the thick protective city walls and the remaining 13 towers while your driver/guide brings the past to life. Travel back to the Middle Ages while enjoying its local products including saffron and its white Vernaccia wine. Curiosities will let you experience the story of Siena and the way in which old important buildings were made. Walk through the narrow medieval streets of the wards of the famed Palio horse race takes place. Discover the famous Piazza del Campo one of the finest squares in Italy. Stroll hidden corners and mysterious streets where time seems to have stopped. It is here where history and legend meet! Rest of the day free to do as you please.

What is included: 8hrs Chauffeured Tour Transfer to Rome from Florence via Siena and San Gimignano led by Licensed Local Driver/Guide by a/c Deluxe Vehicle.

Day 7 Florence - Get your Family Acquainted with the Timeless Treasures of the Birthplace of the Renaissance

Private Guided Florence Discovery Walking Tour

Like Rome, there is so much art and history crammed into this Renaissance city! Expose your family to the stories and legends of Florence’s amazing past. The Renaissance comes to life through the eyes of your expert kid-friendly guide. Learn about the city Roman origins and why Florence became the birthplace of the Renaissance. Artistic masterpieces and amazing discoveries abound all along this carefully planned itinerary. Live in history while strolling the same streets and piazzas walked by Michelangelo, Leonardo and the Medici family. Enjoy Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio Bridge, the city’s oldest bridge. Gaze at Brunelleschi distinctive dome and the imposing multi-colored marble cathedral in Piazza del Duomo. Discover famous Giotto Bell Tower and the city hidden gems including where to find best gelato en route. After all, the original ice cream was indeed invented in Florence during the Renaissance! A fun experiential learning experience full of anecdotes and secret stories to get a feel for the city and our warm welcome to Florence! The leisurely-paced private family tour ends with insider recommendations for child-friendly restaurants. Rest of the day free to do as you please.

What is included: 3hrs Walking Tour led by Licensed Local Guide.

Day 8 Florence – Cinque Terre Family Adventure

Private Guided Chauffeured Day Trip to Cinque Terre a Hiking Disney World for Families

Expose your family to on an action-packed adventure within the Italian Riviera. Meet your expert family-friendly driver/guide at your hotel. During the scenic journey your local driver/guide armed with insider knowledge introduces you to the beauty and cultural significance of Cinque Terre, a national park filled with beautiful vistas. This trip combines sublime scenery, rich history and ancient traditions. Be captivated by the beauty and rich heritage of these five quaint villages built into the spectacular hillsides. Follow the Italian Riviera hiking between hillside fishing villages and paddling beneath the cliffs that line the Mediterranean Sea. Your expert driver/guide introduces you to local traditions and scenic treasures with fairy tales and anecdotes. Hiking Cinque Terre is a fun way to introduce children to this UNESCO World Heritage Site while staying active. There are several walking trails and little gems to explore so put your comfy shoes and enjoy the best of these small villages! Rest of the day free to do as you please in Florence.

What is included: 9hrs Chauffeured Tour led by Licensed Local Driver/Guide by a/c Deluxe Vehicle.

Day 9 Florence – Family Journey in the Footsteps of Michelangelo

Private Guided Florence Walking Tour with Skip the Line Accademia Gallery Visit

Relive the Renaissance in the footsteps of Michelangelo. Meet the real David with priority access at the Academia. Your expert kid-friendly guide gets the whole family involved sharing informative stories and anecdotes in a way that this huge sculpture tells an evolving story before your eyes. And you can face-to-face with this famous masterpiece since the museum only lets in 300 visitors at a time so it is never too crowded! The leisurely-paced private family tour ends with insider recommendations for child-friendly restaurants. Rest of the day free to do as you please.

What is included: 3hrs Walking Tour led by Licensed Local Guide with Reservations and Tickets to Skip the Line at the Academia Gallery

Day 10 Your family's unforgettable vacation ends. Arrivederci!

Private Departure Transfer to Florence Airport or Florence Railway Station.

What is included: Transfer by a/c Deluxe Vehicle.

Options to Enhance Your Luxury Family Vacation Package

This sample family themed itinerary can be customized to suit your needs and dreams i.e. we can substitute other sites or add sites as you desire. This tour package may be personalized in any way such as addition or subtraction of sights or extension into other cities. We can help you create a tour that is focused on what you want to see. Let us know if you would like to visit a site or location that is not mentioned in the itinerary. Pre and post extensions to the tour package are available, as well as various other optional day excursions.

We offer you the opportunity to associate any type of property to this land package and customize it as you wish. Choosing the right hotel for your upcoming vacation can be an overwhelming affair. Our first-hand knowledge enables us to match the perfect accommodation tailored to your itinerary. As part of the trip planning service based on your budget and travel style, we recommend and help you booking a kid-friendly hotel that fit your needs.



Can the Luxury Italy Family Vacation Package be modified?

The itinerary can be personalized around the ages of your family, your travel dates, activity choices, and other custom preferences. This sample itinerary may be personalized in any way such as addition or subtraction of sights or extension into other cities. Our published tours are intended to serve as a “starting point” for the trip you ultimately end up taking. These sample itineraries are based on our own expertise and firsthand experience. While it is fine to decide to take a trip exactly as it appears on our web site, most people prefer to work with one of our travel experts to create an itinerary that meets their interests and preferences. All our tours can be customized, modified or tweaked. From designing a custom experience from scratch to modifying an existing itinerary, the only limit is your creativity!

How does the trip planning service work?

Our job is to marry your request with our expertise, making sure you end up with a trip that fits your needs. We do not work with fixed itineraries. We do not have set group departure dates. We start from scratch and build the trip you want. You will work with one of our travel specialists to design the vacation of your dreams. To create your personalized itinerary we must be aware of what you want. Once we have a clear sense of your travel style we can start creating your tailor-made itinerary, including hotel preferences, transportation and suggested tours and other special activities at one cost to you. We will refine your tour package until you are 100% satisfied. We are dedicated to working with you to ensure that the final itinerary is exactly what you want. To get started, please fill out our custom trip planning form.

What are the departure dates for the Luxury Italy Family Vacation Package?

There are no set departure dates. You can depart on whatever day you wish. All of our tours are private and built from scratch, which means that there are not set itineraries nor scheduled departure dates. Our custom tours can be any dates, any place and in any style that you want to travel.

Do you book flights?

We do not book flights.

Are hotels included in the Luxury Italy Family Vacation Package?

Hotels are NOT included in the tour package. Each person has personal preferences and requirements. As a result, we intentionally do not include any hotels in the itinerary. Nevertheless, as part of the trip planning service, we will help you select and book hotels perfectly tailored to your itinerary.
We believe that where you stay is an integral part of your overall enjoyment of the trip. We understand the importance of staying within your travel budget. With a budget in mind we would be able to recommend a whole variety of accommodations, such as chic boutique hotels, beautiful villas, luxury apartments and more…the choice is yours. Enhance your dream trip with our hotel choices matching your preferences and price range. As there are endless options for you to choose from we are happy to offer our own personalized hotel recommendations.

How do you choose the hotels you recommend?

To ensure that you stay in the best places we have visited hotels all over Italy. We are very selective with our choices. It has taken years of experience to weed out the good hotels from the great, so you can trust that we stand behind the services we recommend. We only choose accommodations where we would wish to stay ourselves. We look for high standards of personal service and attention to detail.

Are meals included in the Luxury Italy Family Vacation Package?

We understand that local food is an important component of any trip. Everybody has different tastes and we have found that our guests enjoy the spontaneity of discovering restaurants on their own. As a result, we intentionally do not include any meals in the itinerary to allow you the freedom to mix with the locals. Nevertheless, your guide is happy to recommend restaurants and advise on local specialties.

Do we skip the line to enter the major museums and monuments?

Yes. This tour package includes priority-entrance tickets to skip the lines. Your tickets will be pre-booked and prepaid for fast hassle-free entry. Recently due to increased security concerns, new screening procedures were put in place for entry to the popular sites. Due to increased security measures ALL visitors must pass through security checks and metal detectors, even those with skip the line access. Because of the security measures, the lines for entry the major attractions may be quite long during peak seasons and holidays. However, no time will be wasted. Your experienced guide will use this time to provide an overview and contextualization for the tour.

How far ahead do I need to book my trip with you?

We are a boutique tour planning company. We do not sell someone else’s trip but we create, plan and run our own luxury journeys. Our philosophy is that we focus on quality rather than quantity therefore, we tend to get booked up very quickly. We encourage you to make your reservation just as early as possible especially, if you are limited to the time period in which you can travel. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. The further in advance you are able to make your arrangements the more likely we can secure the holiday you want. This is especially important if you wish to visit Italy during the busy summer and holiday times. Some holiday periods (Easter and school half term weeks, public holidays and the peak summer months) can get booked up very quickly. If you know you want to travel at this time it is a good idea to contact us at your earliest convenience to ensure the dates of your choice are available.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is for your protection in the case of an unforeseen event which delays or prevents travel. Nancy Aiello Tours strongly recommends that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance with many coverage options from basic trip cancellation insurance to full coverage which includes emergency medical assistance. It is very important that you protect your vacation investment in case of trip cancellation/interruption, travel luggage delay or loss of luggage and medical expenses. Travel Insurance gives you peace of mind in safeguarding your investment in the event of a cancellation prior to or during your trip.
A comprehensive travel insurance gives you coverage for unforeseen problems, from a cancelled flight to a serious illness. If an illness, accident, or other covered unforeseen circumstance forces a traveler to cancel or interrupt their plans, they face two major financial losses, money invested in nonrefundable pre-payments, and medical expenses that in many instances may not be covered by health insurance.

Do you combine people to share a tour?

All our tours are private, luxurious, and totally customized to suit your desires, which means that you do not share your tour with anyone else. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form groups.

Please inquire for a custom quote. The price of our tailor-made private vacations is quoted on an individual basis depending on party size and activity choices, travel dates, and other custom preferences.
The type of family trips we plan start at € 1,000 per day for four travelers (excluding airfares). Please keep in mind that every vacation, like every guest, is different. No two are alike, which is why costs can vary a lot and it will depend on the services and arrangements you decide to include.

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Our Specialization Inspiring Families to Travel Italy!


  • Vatican with Children

    We had an absolutely wonderful time on our tour with Cinzia. She was very accommodating with what we wanted to see and what we already knew and worked that information into her tour. She understood when our children got a bit tired and altered our itinerary to suit them. She is very knowledgeable and passionate and answered all of our questions easily and respectfully. She made the tour very interesting for our children and directed much of her speaking to them so they always felt included. Our main concern was that our kids were engaged and interested and educated and Cinzia definitely achieved that. We would definitely recommend your company to other people. We found out about it on Trip Advisor. The booking process was very simple and very organised and my emails were responded to very promptly. We felt that everything was clearly outlined for us and we knew exactly what to expect.
    Thank you once again!

    Naomi Thompson
    Queensland, Australia
  • Rome Highlights Luxury Family Tour Package

    Our overall experience with Nancy Aiello Tours was good! Our tour guide was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and made our experience in Rome a positive one. I would recommend your services. I found you through Ciao Bambino.

    Megghan  St. Aubyn
  • Wheelchair Accessible Rome Vatican Tour

    To Whom it May Concern:
    Even though we’ve filled out the on-line survey sent to us by your company, we just felt that we didn’t have the opportunity to really let you know just how amazing we felt Andrea and Lucia did as our driver and guide for our tour of Rome on 12 August, 2011.
    Andrea met us on time in our hotel lobby, and we were very impressed by his dress for the day. He wore a dark suit and tie and looked very professional. He immediately introduced himself to us, and came across as very warm and friendly. Throughout the entire tour, whenever we were coming back to the car, he made sure the air conditioning was on, so that we came back to a cool car. So appreciated, since it was a very hot day. He was always on hand to help with my wife’s wheelchair, and to make sure she got into the car ok. On our drive to the Vatican, he was very entertaining and informative, always pointing out places of interest along the way and what it was like to live in the area. This really added to our experience, especially this being our first trip to Italy. He was very open to conversation and questions which made us feel very comfortable and relaxed with him. Since Sue was in a wheelchair, Andrea, always got us as close as possible to the entrances of the attractions. He even offered to help push the wheelchair if I needed help. He was so much more than just a driver to us.
    Lucia, met us at the entrance of the Vatican, our first stop, introduced herself, and was very personable and friendly. We immediately felt very comfortable with her. She started out by going over the plan for the day, and then we proceeded in to the Vatican. We were amazed that we went right through the entrance and into the lobby. From there we started our tour. Her knowledge of history, art, sculpture, and the architecture we saw was phenomenal. She never made it feel like we were being rushed or in a hurry. We took our time and was able to look at everything we wanted to. There were many opportunities where Lucia would suggest a little break and during that break, she would just elaborate on both what we’ve just seen and what we are about to see. We were very appreciative of how she would run interference for us so that we had no problems getting the wheelchair through the sometimes massive crowds. She was more than happy to play photographer and take our picture. She and Andrea were so aware of our having a wheelchair, and made sure that whatever route we took, was the easiest for us to get around. That really made it so easy for us to enjoy the tour. We were able to go to every site that we wanted to see. Having lunch in Piazza Navona with Lucia was really special for us. It was the first time we ate at a restaurant in Rome and Lucia, at our suggestion, was more than happy to recommend something light to eat. We were so happy that she was able to join us. Unfortunately, Andrea had to stay with the car and was unable to come with us. We felt bad about that, but of course, understood.
    Rome was our first stop on a two week trip to Italy, and we have to say that meeting Andrea and Lucia was the best way to start a vacation. They were just so warm and friendly that it was more like spending the day with a couple of new friends rather than going on a tour. They were the perfect fit for us. Both Lucia and Andrea, we feel, far exceeded our expectations for this tour and did your company proud. They really seemed to enjoy what they do. It was such a pleasure to meet and spend time with them.
    Please pass this email on to both Andrea and Lucia, so that they know just how much we appreciated all that they did for us. They both fondly live on in the stories that we share with family and friends about our trip to Italy. We were truly very impressed by both of them and they will always have a special place in our hearts. We will definitely book another tour with your company the next time we’re in Italy.

    David and Susan Szymanski