Italy is a senior friendly European destination perfect for leisurely travel and cultural experiences. If you are planning a trip of a lifetime, we can absolutely assist with that. At Nancy Aiello Tours, we specialize in creating tailor made Italy tours for seniors. Traveling to Italy with us ensures every detail of your trip is customized for you. We take care from the best accommodations to the ease of private transportation along with immersive experiences.

Escape the ordinary travel departing when you choose. Explore iconic sites and off the beaten path places. Travel in comfort and style. Relax and unwind. See Italy how you want to see it on an itinerary custom-built for you by our travel experts who can advise you on the best tours that are not at all cookie-cutter but appropriate for you. In short, a 100% private and customized Italy vacation with senior travelers in mind.

Private Tours of Italy for Seniors

We are an Italian boutique travel agency that focuses on personalized travel. All the trips we design are fully customized and planned around each client specific preferences and travel dates. All the way we ensure that we take our guests on a trip, which truly gets them under the skin of our home country, and connect with local people, cultures and daily Italian life.

All of our Italy tours for seniors include private transportation, expert guides, and unique experiences. Moreover, we will hand-select  luxury hotels that complement each itinerary.

The Perfect Italy Vacation for Senior Travelers

We start by getting to know our guests. In our initial consultation, we always ask: Is there something that could make your memorable trip truly unforgettable?

Our guests are part of the planning process and know that they will be doing things that they want to do, at their own pace. We understand that each traveling party is unique. No two trips are ever the same as we are all about creating customized travel experiences built around our guests’ desiderata. Based on what we learn about their must-sees and special interests we put together a custom itinerary just for them, knowing that we can always make tweaks during the planning process.

For many senior travelers, a trip to Italy is a dream come true and expectations are high, as they should be! Yet, the reality is that planning a trip can also be overwhelming and time consuming. That is why we focus so much on planning and liaising with our guests in advance so that all details of their trip are in place well before leaving home.

Finally yet importantly, our friendly guides and drivers also provide our senior travelers with a great sense of comfort and peace of mind. Treat the senior trips to Italy below simply as inspiration. Live extraordinary travel experiences designed just for you.

Rome Luxury Italy Travel Package for Seniors

 Senior-Friendly Travel Rome Vacation

Italy Luxury Travel

Senior-Friendly Travel Rome Amalfi Coast


Italy Tours for Seniors Customized to Your Desires!