One of the holiest places in the Christian world, the Vatican City embodies a vast collection of masterpieces. Here you will find the most important church in Christendom, St Peter’s Basilica, as well as the Vatican Museums holding some of the world’s greatest artistic treasures, including the Raphael’s Rooms and Michelangelo Sistine Chapel. The Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica together form the most representative image of papal Rome. Be part of the story. On our skip the line Vatican tours, you will come away from with a better comprehensive understanding of the history of the Holy See.

The Museums house one of the largest collections of art in the world within the walls of the Vatican City. Within their lavishly decorated halls, there are works from the immense collection commissioned by popes throughout the centuries. There are 54 galleries filled with tons of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Renaissance art. The most famous is the Sistine Chapel that attracts more than six million visitors annually, making it the second most visited attraction in Rome after the Colosseum.

Get the most out of the fourth most visited art museum on the planet. With 20,000 objects on display, we know that finding your way to the best can be daunting. Through careful planning, we deliver Vatican private tours that enthrall first-time visitors and delight the persistent returnee with art and culture in a personal way. Dive into the best of the Popes’ vast collection at a relaxed pace with one of our private Vatican guides at your side. Uncover the stories behind the masterpieces you encounter. Learn historical facts and those little details that you will not find in guidebooks. Focus on what you want to see most and see the works that appeal to you. Our tailor-made and privately guided Vatican tours are the perfect choice for visitors seeking a personalized experience with the world of art.

For those attending Vatican tours is important to know that entry to the Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica is permitted only to appropriately dressed visitors. The dress code for visiting the Vatican is the same that applies when you enter any church in Italy. As a sign of respect, both women and man must cover shoulders and knees with appropriate clothing. Low cut or sleeveless clothing, shorts, miniskirts, and hats are not allowed. The Pope’s Museums draws upwards of 35,000 visitors per day in high season. It is hardly surprising. They are home to the Sistine Chapel and some of the greatest finds from the ancient world. These are inspiring works in the history of art and almost every visitor to Rome seems to want to tick them off their list. Taking a privileged entrance tour is definitely the best way to visit. On our Vatican private tours, you will skip the line with an expert guide leading the way. The best time to visit the Vatican depends on the season. The busiest days are during April-October. We recommend visiting off-season if possible.

Our private Vatican tours are appropriate for first-timers and art history devotees alike. Check out our Vatican private tours below for travel inspiration. Alternatively, you can work with one of our Italy trip planners to customize your private tour of Vatican. Moreover, if you need a place to stay near the Vatican City we will be happy to help you find the right hotel that match your travel style and budget. Contact us to have a privately guided Vatican city tour bespoke to you and your passions.

Vatican Private Tours Customized to Your Desires!

Vatican Sistine Chapel Tour

Private Tours of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel

Enjoy the Museums and Sistine Chapel with one of our private Vatican guides on hand who brings the masterpieces to life. This Vatican skip the line tour lets you experience the highlights at your own pace.


Vatican In-Depth Tour

Private Tour of Vatican In-Depth

This Vatican private tour skips the line and takes you deep into the Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica with an expert guide leading the way. Our carefully planned itinerary takes you past the most famous galleries. Learn the stories behind Michelangelo ceiling and explore the Basilica.


Vatican Art a Jewish Perspective

Jewish Vatican Tour

This privately guided Vatican Sistine Chapel tour skips the line and goes into the aspects of the Jewish history and culture. Dive into the artworks with an expert guide on hand who explains the meaning behind Michelangelo frescoes.


Vatican by Night Tour

Vatican Museum Night Tour

Skip the line night tour of Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel without the daytime crowds. Face to face with celebrated works of art with one of our passionate guides at your side. Our private Vatican tours after hours are a great way to appreciate the very best of the collection at a relaxed pace.


Papal Audience Vatican City Tour

Vatican Papal Audience Tour

This private Vatican City tour combines the unique opportunity to see the Pope, receive the Papal blessing and visit the Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica skipping the lines.


St. Peter Vatican Art Tour

St. Peter Vatican Art Tour

Experience art and history unfold into the heart of the Vatican. Hear insights about the masterpieces held in St. Peter’s Basilica from your passionate, expert guide. Perfect for experts and art novices alike this private skip the line tour is a delightful front row ticket into Christendom’s most awe-inspiring Basilica.