Early morning Venice tour is an exclusive off the beaten track unusual Venice discovery experience that so many visitors do not get to see. The ultimate luxury is in escaping the crowds. Explore Venice before the city starts stirring and leave the tourist hordes behind. Early morning Venice tour allows you to experience the city at its best. Get off the beaten path, explore empty streets, narrow alleyways and hidden gems. Become part of the rhythm of Venetian life. Early morning Venice tour goes beyond the usual sights. Your personable local guide will charm you with a friendly personality and knowledge of the city. Go off the beaten path and discover how the Venetians live and work. Learn historical facts and fascinating anecdotes. Explore the floating city before the crowds wake up.

Catch the early morning life of the locals. This original Venice walk of wonder and discovery offers an unusual behind the scene perspective. Meander through empty squares in the absence of the crowds. There is a major difference between the Grand Canal at midday and the early morning. It is almost bizarre to see the Bridge of Sighs and Piazza San Marco with only a few people around! Your expert guide leads you through narrow streets up to the Grand Canal as well as remote Venice of Venetians. Make sure to bring your camera to get pictures that show the real Venice. Navigate narrow alleyways punctuated by arched bridges, winding passages, stunning buildings and mysterious canals. Experience the hustle and bustle of the lively and colorful food market area of Rialto Bridge. Watching the Rialto outdoor food market being set up is a highlight of a trip to Venice. Learn engaging and cruel stories of the merchants of Venice and how famous Venetians, the likes of Casanova and more common citizens made Venice a vibrant and magical floating city. Contact us to discover the real Venice on an exclusive early morning Venice tour.

* Private Half-Day Walking Tour
* Private Licensed Professional Guide
* Venice Behind the Scenes
* Best Photo Ops

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There are no add-ons for this tour.

ADD ON There are no add-ons for this tour.

This private guided tour can be organized from Monday to Saturday.

When entering churches always ensure that you dress appropriately, no shorts or sleeveless dresses. By not being properly attired you run into the risk of being denied entry.

Those traveling between November and March may wish to bring rubber boots in preparation for Venice’s acqua alta (high water).

Do you combine people to share a private Venice tour?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer. Nancy Aiello Tours specializes in individual and family private tours. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form small groups. Our private tours mean that you do not share your tour with anyone else. Your private tour is tailored to your individual needs and interests so everyone can ask questions and get the most from a new experience.

Are tips included?

Tips are optional. Gratuity is not included and is left to individual discretion.


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    Everything was excellent, in particular, Lucia, guide for Rome tours, and Fabio, driver for Pompei tours.  We have already recommended you to friends.  I found you by doing internet research and reading comments and reviews.  I initially felt that the charges were quite high, but when I saw the quality you offered, I think it was worth the cost.  We felt that Lucia brought ancient history alive for us, and had our teenagers wrapped up in her descriptions of Ancient Rome and Vatican intrigues.  Good job.

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    Our overall experience with Nancy Aiello Tours was excellent. Very informative and interesting. Lucia was an excellent guide. I would recommend Nancy Aiello Tours to family and friends.

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    All I can say is Thank You. The experience we had was nothing short of excellent.  It started with Rachel and her responding to all my needs.  As for our driver, Fabio, if this is the kind of drivers you employ, you’ll continue to have great success.  He was by far the best driver I’ve ever experienced and with all my travel, I’ve experienced many. Great job with Fabio. As for our tour guide, everyone and I mean everyone should be so lucky.  Her name was Lucia and all four of us felt not only did she possess unbelievable knowledge, we felt like she was family.  Her ability to manage us, the time we had and that we wanted to see was fantastic. We HIGHLY recommend Lucia to everyone. As I close, I feel these words fall short of what we experienced. To say we would recommend Nancy Aiello Tours would be an understatement, in fact, I’ve already recommended Nancy Aiello Tours, Fabio and Lucia to several friends planning a trip in the coming months.
    Thank you again, and feel free to use me as an endorsement at any time.

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