Step into the pages of Roman history on our ancient Rome Colosseum tour . Learn the intriguing stories of Rome from its origin to the glorious days of the Great Roman Empire. Plus, with skip the line access to the Colosseum and Roman Forum you won’t waste your precious vacation time waiting in line.

Dive into the archaeological core of the city where the history of Rome began. As you enter the Colosseum your guide unveils its bloody and infamous history and the events once took place there. Marvel at the skeletons of temples, shops, and Basilicas in the Roman Forum. Explore the Capitoline Hill home to the Temple of Jupiter in ancient times. Contact us for pricing and availability.

* Private Half-Day Walking Tour
* Private Licensed Professional Local Guide
* Coliseum Skip the Line Access
* Arch of Constantine
* Roman Forum
* Capitoline Hill
* Best Photo Ops

Ancient Rome Colosseum tour is 100% private offering the personal attention required to experience one of the world’s leading cities at your own pace. Get the answers to the questions you are burning to ask from your expert guide. Discover all the main sights in detail. Learn all about Rome’s secret stories that bring the city history to life. This living history and experiential private ancient Rome Colosseum tour is the most meaningful way to experience the city’s key sights without wasting time waiting in line.

Ancient Rome Colosseum tour offers a chronological start to your stay by introducing you to the city oldest evocative sites. Tales of superstar gladiators, legends, secrets and the daily life of the Romans await you today. Rome was the largest city the world had ever seen. Its buildings have captivated architects for centuries. Historians, archaeologists and academics have spent entire careers trying to understand how the city functioned. Your passionate guide tell you the stories and anecdotes that bring the ancient world to life.

Step back in time to the days when all roads led to Rome. Imagine gladiators in battle at the Colosseum. Leave the crowds behind. Enjoy faster access by avoiding ticket lines when entering the Coliseum the site where gladiators and wild animals fought to the death to entertain Emperors and roaring crowds. Enter the Roman Forum a huge complex of evocative ruined temples, basilicas and arches, once the focus of political, social, military and commercial life. Your guide reveals the history of the Forum, the purposes of the monuments, and describes the activities that took place. Stroll along the Via Sacra the same paved road once graced by victorious Roman armies. Marvel at the Capitoline Hill historic and religious center of the past. Today the Capitoline Hill is home to the Capitoline Museum surrounded by the Renaissance piazza del Campidoglio an urban masterpiece designed by Michelangelo. Experience the breathtaking view over the Roman Forum and Piazza Venezia with the huge Vittoriano Monument A.K.A. the typewriter or the wedding cake for its lavish design.

How it Works
We will get the tickets ahead of time so that you won’t have to wait in any lines. During the booking process, you will be able to tell us when and what you would like to tour. You will also have the opportunity to tell our Italian-based team how we can customize the private tour for you and yours. With that, we will create the perfect travel experience for you. A private tour curated to your preferences.

Optional Add-Ons to Enhance Your Private Tour

Tour the Ancient Roman Pantheon

ADD ON Private Guided Visit of the Pantheon, the Most Well-Preserved and Influential Buildings of the Ancient Roman Period
Get a glimpse into the marvelous and stunning world of Roman architecture. The Pantheon is simply a breathtaking piece of architecture which is a must when visiting Rome. Built more than 1800 years ago, the Pantheon once was an awe-inspiring pagan temple dedicated to all the planetary gods. Since antiquity, the Pantheon inspires engineers and artists. With its thick brick walls and large marble columns still manages to inspire wonder in those who visit, but the most striking feature is without a doubt the impressive architecture of the dome. This is one of the grandest cupolas ever built and at its center is the oculus an impressive hole measuring 9 meters in diameter that allows light to filter into the space creating beautiful patterns and plays with light and shadow. When it rains the water falls into the Pantheon but runs off through several small holes in the ground.
Please Note: When entering the Pantheon always ensure that you dress appropriately, no shorts or sleeveless dresses. By not being properly attired you run in the risk of being denied entry.
Extra Time Duration: 60 minutes

Tour the Underground Excavations of the Basilica of St. Clemente

ADD ON Private Guided Visit of the Basilica of St. Clemente an Off the Beaten Path Fun Archaeological Layer Cake to Explore
The key to enjoy Rome is experiencing it through its layers of cultural history. Experience the history of Rome all in one building. San Clemente is not just another church in Rome, it is unique and it really demonstrates how a city changes and builds and exemplifies a lot of the history of Rome. Explore ancient ruins to the sun god Mithra and Roman houses that were once street level. This historical Basilica is built on a number of different levels. Here you can descend to a depth of 60 ft. and go back over 2000 years of discovery to experience with your own eyes underground Rome layers of history.
Please Note: When entering churches always ensure that you dress appropriately, no shorts or sleeveless dresses. By not being properly attired you run into the risk of being denied entry.
Extra Time Duration: 60 minutes

Tour Capitoline Museums the World’s Oldest Public Museum

ADD ON Private Guided Visit of the Capitoline Museums a Definite Must if You Are a Fan of Archeology, Art and History
Enhance your understanding of the ancient Roman world. Much of Roman history can also be explored in the Capitoline Museums, which are among most interesting museums in the city. Indeed, this is one museum that you can’t rush through. There are so many treasures here that can take your breath away. This quaint museum holds one of the richest and most eclectic art collections of Greek and Roman artifacts as well as Caravaggio and Bernini masterpieces.

Built atop the Capitoline hill and the temple of Jupiter, the Museums are spread over two buildings connected with an underground tunnel. Taken together the complex provides an amazing backdrop for a deeper understanding of ancient Roman history. There is even a rooftop cafe where you can catch an incredible view over the city.

Please Note: The Capitoline Museums close on Mondays.
Extra Time Duration: 90 minutes

Tour in Comfort and Style with Private Transportation Service

ADD ON Private English Speaking Licensed Driver and Deluxe A/C Vehicle

The beauty of a private guided car tour lies in the comfort and flexibility that it has to offer. With this optional upgrade guests have their own exclusive private vehicle, a separate driver and a separate guide for a total of 2 professional people at disposal for the whole length of the tour. A private vehicle and a driver is the perfect solution for those who want to tour in comfort and style. For those who want to see much more of Rome than can be seen on foot. The use of a private vehicle with a driver would maximize the experience helping with connections between the sights.

Enjoy the flexibility to tour at your own pace with the convenience of your friendly on-hand English speaking licensed driver. With this optional upgrade guests looking to maximize their precious holiday time get the benefit of having a private transportation service at disposal for the whole length of the guided tour including Rome hotel/apartment pick up and drop off. Our fully licensed insured a/c deluxe fleet is equipped with all the comforts and in compliance with the quality and safety standards required by the EU regulations.

Do you combine people to share the tour?

All our tours are private and totally customized to suit your desires, which means that you do not share your tour with anyone else. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form groups.

Do we skip the line to enter the Coliseum?

Yes. This tour includes entrance tickets to skip the line. Your tickets will be pre-booked and prepaid for fast hassle-free entry.
Please Note: For safety reasons even with booking reservations, there is still a compulsory security check which may cause some delays in entering the Coliseum. Recently, due to increased security measures, new screening procedures were put in place for entry to the Colosseum. For safety reasons ALL visitors must pass through security checks and metal detectors, so even with reservations there is still a compulsory security check which may cause some delays in entering the site. Because of the security measures, the line for entry may be quite long during peak seasons and holidays. However, no time will be wasted. Your experienced guide will use this time to provide an overview and contextualization for the tour.

Does your skip the line tour of the Coliseum go to the underground level or the 3rd tier?

The Colosseum does not allow any company to conduct private visits to the underground areas. The underground and third tier level access of the Colosseum is run exclusively by the Colosseum and only available for those joining group tours. Therefore, the visit of these areas are NOT included in our private tours.

What happens if a site is unexpectedly closed on the day of scheduled tour?

We are NOT liable for reduced itineraries owing to unscheduled closures by attractions. Unscheduled closures do not depend on us, but on the administration of the sites visited on the tour. In the event of an unexpected closure of a site or attraction your guide will promptly provide an alternative itinerary. While we regret these inconveniences, these rare unforeseen closures are beyond our control for which we cannot be held responsible therefore no refunds will be issued.
The Colosseum is subject to occasional last minute closures without notice due to rain, assembly meetings, strikes or other factors. If it happens your guide will modify the itinerary working with the circumstances given. While we regret this inconvenience, the unforeseen closure of the Coliseum is beyond our control for which we cannot be held responsible therefore, no refunds will be issued.

The quickest way to find answers to your questions about our private tours is to review the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact us.


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