In depth Rome Jewish tour takes you through the history of the Jews in the Eternal City from Biblical times to nowadays. A “must-do” experience for anyone interested in learning about the Eternal City from a Jewish perspective. Go off the beaten path areas tied to the millenary history of the Jewish community in the company of an expert and enthusiastic guide. Discover the influence that the community had over the development of the city, including the creation of some of the best food. Learn about Rome’s Jewish legacy as your guide entertains you with the stories and secrets of one of Europe’s oldest Ghetto. Welcome to Jewish Rome! Stroll through the Ghetto in the heart of the city. See and hear about the Jewish side of Rome. Learn about life behind the walls of this historical quarter. The Ghetto is still a center of Jewish life and traditions. The city’s Great Synagogue is here and this is where you will find kosher restaurants and shops displaying typical delicatessen. Travel from the Roman age through the Renaissance when important families settled here and built their noble palaces. Explore the remains of the Porch of Octavia, an imposing structure built by the emperor Augustus for his sister and where in the middle ages the most important fish market of the city was located. A meaningful exploration of the old history of the Jews in Rome right up to the present day. Contact us for an in depth Rome Jewish tour.

* Private Half-Day Walking Tour
* Private Licensed Professional Guide
* Campo de Fiori
* Jewish Ghetto
* Great Synagogue of Rome
* Tiber Island
* Trastevere
* Best Photo Ops

Within Rome renowned for its ties to the Catholic Church the Jewish Ghetto is the place to learn about the Diaspora and the cultural legacies of this old community. The Jewish community of Rome is the oldest in the Diaspora, dating back to the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD. Stroll through history into the Jewish areas of the city on a timeless journey. The Ghetto and the Trastevere district are filled with great stories to tell. Roman Jews are different from the Judah Maccabee who set their roots in Rome as early as 161 BCE. The Jews, who came as slaves of Titus were freed and established themselves in the Trastevere neighborhood, where the Jews used to live until the Renaissance. Explore the lively area around Campo de’ Fiori. Discover centuries of history along the cobblestoned, streets of the city leading to the Ghetto. This old quarter is where from 1555 Pope Paul IV decreed that all Jews must be segregated and forced to live until 1870. Today the Jewish community continues living in the neighborhood where their parents and their grandparents have always lived-in keeping up with their traditions. Learn how the Jews lived here over the centuries and the role played in the history of Rome.

Optional Upgrades to Enhance Your Private Tour

Tour the Colosseum

ADD ON Private Guided Skip the Line Coliseum Tour

Travel through time as you experience the awe and wonder of the Coliseum skipping the lines.
Extra Time Duration: 120 minutes

Tour Rome in Comfort and Style by Private Deluxe Vehicle

ADD ON Private English Speaking Licensed Driver and Deluxe A/C Vehicle

The beauty of a private guided car tour lies in the comfort and flexibility that it has to offer. With this optional upgrade guests have their own exclusive private vehicle, a separate driver and a separate guide for a total of 2 professional people at disposal for the whole length of the tour. A private vehicle and a driver is the perfect solution for those who want to tour in comfort and style. For those who want to see much more of Rome than can be seen on foot. The use of a private vehicle with a driver would maximize the experience helping with connections between the sights.

Enjoy the flexibility to tour at your own pace with the convenience of your friendly on-hand English speaking licensed driver. With this optional upgrade guests looking to maximize their precious holiday time get the benefit of having a private transportation service at disposal for the whole length of the guided tour including Rome hotel/apartment pick up and drop off. Our fully licensed insured a/c deluxe fleet is equipped with all the comforts and in compliance with the quality and safety standards required by the EU regulations.

This tour is not available on Saturdays, January 1st, August 15th and on certain Jewish holidays throughout the year.

The Great Synagogue of Rome dress code requires modest attire: no halter or tank tops or short shorts.

The security at the Great Synagogue is high and photos are not allowed inside the Synagogue and museum.

Do you combine people to share the tour?

All our tours are private, luxurious, and totally customized to suit your desires, which means that you do not share your tour with anyone else. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form groups.


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  • Vatican Children Tour

    Hello. I apologize for this tardy reply, but did want to get back to you about our tour. Everything about the experience was excellent, and I thought the tour was a good value. Our guide (Lucia) was terrific the perfect mix of energy and humor for our kids, and knowledge and insider info for the adults. My husband was skeptical about getting a private guide but was very pleased with how it turned out and agreed it was the best way. My 11 year old daughter cites our Vatican tour as the highlight of our trip to Rome. And my 6 year old son still can tell people how many heads he counted in the gallery with Lucia! I appreciated how quickly I was able to make the arrangements with your office (less than a week before our visit) and also I appreciated that before Lucia said goodbye to us she made sure we knew how to continue to explore St. Peters (we wanted to climb to the top of the dome) and she did not just abandon us at the exit from the Sistine Chapel.
    Overall it was terrific, and just writing this makes me want to start planning our next trip back. I would absolutely recommend your company to anyone visiting Rome! Many thanks,

    Stephanie Allin Clemson
    Chicago, USA
  • Italy Family Vacation Package

    Our overall experience with Nancy Aiello Tours was very good. There were no miscommunications, all drivers and guides were on time, and the support line worked very well. The guides were very good, especially Francesca in Florence, who was outstanding. Very reliable company with qualified, knowledgeable, and friendly guides.

    William Pence EVP & COO WebMD Health
  • Legends of Rome Children Tour

    Old Rome Children Tour

    Venice Discovery Family Rome Tour

    I am so very happy to answer these questions, as we couldn’t have been more pleased with your services!
    Your agency and the excellent customer service will be first in my line of recommendations from our recent travels. Everything you arranged was professional and with stellar guides.
    While Filipo might be better suited for adult only tours, he tried very hard with the girls. But clearly his passion and proud Roman education is contagious….but maybe a little esoteric for smaller children. However, his enthusiasm for his city made us all appreciate the beauty and history of Rome, that much more.
    However, Nadia in Venice was perfect with our 9 year old twin daughters. She even sent us parents out of the room to better plan a surprise for us with the girls assistance. From hidden gems to the way to maneuver the streets and alleys of Venice, she was a wealth of information. We loved her affectionate ways and her desire to show us her beloved city.
    As this was the first time in our lives, we ever used a travel specialist, we were hesitant at first. But since we had the girls with us, we thought it better to use a professional service. We were so right and so blessed to have found this in Nancy Aiello Tours. I believe I first read about you from something that originated in Travel and Leisure, but honestly, it has been too many months now since I began my exhaustive research.
    The value for my money was perfect, because our tours were priceless. Without a doubt, we would have missed the perfect moments and not discovered the hidden gems, if it wasn’t for Filipo and Nadia. I thank you for finding such delightful personalities to spend our afternoons with us. And to be fair, none of this would have happened without Rachel in your front office. Her communication was speedy, spot on and completely reliable. I hope you know what a treasure you have in her since she is your first line of communication.
    I wish your company continued success and look forward to our return visit, in no small part because of your expertise.
    Warm regards,

    Tracy Cobb Abeles
    South Carolina, USA

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