The old history of Venice begun from its islands. Venice top islands tour covers the glass and lace islands of Murano and Burano with vaporetto rides across the canals. A favorite Venice day trip for locals and travelers alike that combines the natural beauty of the Venetian lagoon, traditional craftsmanship and picturesque fisherman village atmosphere. Venice top islands tour of Murano and Burano is best for those who want to go off the beaten track exploring the two most famous islands of the Venetian Lagoon. Learn from your expert local guide about the islands heritage and their secrets. Venture into the Venetian Lagoon to explore, discover and learn the history of glass blowing and lace making old traditions of Murano and Burano. Watch in awe as talented artists create beautiful artworks.

Visit the island of Murano known around the world as the Queen of glass making, an ancient art passed on from father to son through the centuries. In the 13th century Venice glass makers were required to move to Murano to protect the secret of their craft. Today this old tradition continues as many master artisans still thrive in on this magic island. Watch skilled glass blowers at work, see a collection of exquisite hand crafted glass and learn the secrets of glassblowing. Discover the island of Burano a tiny, colorful fishing village with a dazzling array of painted houses, said to have originated from fishermen wanting to identify their homes from afar. They still live here with their women traditionally make lace using old techniques inspired by the making of fishing nets. Contact us for an informative yet fun Venice top islands tour.

* Private Full-Day Walking Tour
* Private Licensed Professional Guide
* Murano Island
* Burano Island

* Best Photo Ops

Optional Upgrades to Enhance Your Private Tour

Tour Torcello Island

ADD ON Private Guided tour of Torcello home to beautiful Byzantine churches.

Extra Time Duration: 60 Minutes

Those traveling between November and March may wish to bring rubber boots in preparation for Venice’s acqua alta (high water).

Do you combine people to share a private Venice tour?

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer. Nancy Aiello Tours specializes in individual and family private tours. Our private tours are exclusive to one booking party and we do not combine separate reservations to form small groups. Our private tours mean that you do not share your tour with anyone else. Your private tour is tailored to your individual needs and interests so everyone can ask questions and get the most from a new experience.

Do we stop for lunch during our private Venice top islands tour?

Yes. In a city with so much great food it would be crazy not to. The duration of the tour includes time for breaks to grab a quick snack and/or lunch. The cost of the meal is NOT included in the price. Some people like to grab a quick pizza or a snack, and some people like to sit down for a nice relaxing Italian meal. You may take a break at any time during the tour upon request. Otherwise, breaks will be at our discretion.

Are tips included?

Tips are optional. Gratuity is not included and is left to individual discretion.


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    Dear Nancy Aiello Tours,
    I want to thank you for the wonderful week we had. My daughter was very taken with our excellent guides

    Rita Smith
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    Tour Florence Discovery Family Tour

    I travel with my kids constantly and so far this has been the best tours we have been on. We took a tour in Rome and Florence. Both were outstanding. I couldn’t believe how engrossed both guides were able to keep our kids. Just when they might lose them they would ask a question or pull out a visual. I feel like myself, my husband, and my three kids (13, 10, and 7) got a ton out of both tours. We learned a lot and saw a lot. Often when visiting European cities we get lost and turned around walk to much and just plain wear our kids out. The beauty of the tour is the guide knows exactly where they are going and you will see tons of attractions and sights in a short period of time. What we saw in 4 hours would have taken us 4 days!

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